Veteran of Spanish American War

Interred in Maple Grove Cemetery

Campbell, Charles

Johnson, Thomas, W.
Kelley Lawson

Robeson, G.P (Mch 1939)

Veterans of World War

Interred in Maple Grove Cemetery

Smith, Rev. Frank

Douglas Floyd

Lateer, Lynn

Lewis, Herschel

Maxwell, Samuel

Russell, Wallace

Becker, Wayne

Beaver, Roy

Sparkes, Fred

Collins, Fred

Covey, Gerald

Interred in Greenleaf Cemetery

Riggs, Perry

VanNote, Ray

Interred in Rucker Chapel Cemetery

Walden, Horuran B.

Interred in McCord Cemetery

Williams, Joseph L.

Interred in Springfield, Ill.

Eppstein, Delmar

Interred in Clinton, Ill.

McCord, J. Bliss

McCord, Garell

Interred in at sea

Weedman, Judson

City Cemetery


Ward, Gilbert

Albright, George

Interred in St. Joseph Cemetery

Robert, Cleary