This test was setup to look like a newspaper the features through this could be used in other types of sites also. Some that could be useful would be a specialty site such as one that focuses on a central subject such as Sports, Comics, or Crafts. The photo sections can be looked at for a photographers site, there’s a lot more features to the plug in that is currently shown on the site.


The pop up on main page is code not a plugin to open a HTML file in an iframe. This has a time delay that can be increased or shortened as needed. This can be designed like any HTML file, this can also be removed or added to any other page.

Front Page

There’s a couple of different ways that are shown of how to display info, single areas that have 3 news posts per category in a row. Then the School has 3 in a box with a main one then 2 stacked to the right. We can also fully redesign the site to any look or color you would want.

News Pages

Using a basic repeating theme. If a feature image is added to the page, like Farmer City, it will show to the right of the header. These can also have each page designed differently, you can see a simple version of this on the school and church news pages.

Guest Submitted Articles:

Set up to have approval before displaying the submitted story and then an email will go out to a person or group for approval.


Ads-The ad page and in the Widgets are a self-service where the customers create and purchase their ads. The Ads in the Widget will randomly display 10 of these ads on each page; at bottom they can cycle through to the other ads; this area can be customized. On the Church News page this also takes the ads that are labeled as Church and pulls them into this page. The system can be setup that only certain ads to show on a certain page(s) and not to show at all in the side bar.

Classified and Ad page – Two types of sorting one of the 2 would need to be chosen at the beginning. The one at the top with the drop down uses a taxonomy (categories) these are for the types of ads like ‘For Rent’. With this type when somebody comes to the page the newest will be at the top and go to the oldest. (See Classifieds for this type) of sort.

The second type is a pre made select box where this can be used to sort from the beginning, so you can have it (like it’s shown) with the names in order from A-Z.

Both ad types can have:

  • Take payments through your favorite online payment system such as PayPal.
  • Expiration time limits such as a couple of days to a year.
  • Set if you want to have the ads approved before displaying.
  • Can have the person that submitted the ad to update it

Banner ads:

Currently these are manually set in the theme’s back-end in one easy to use area. You’ll add the path to the image for the banner and the URL for when they click the ad. The image could be in the media library for from an external source, such as the client’s server.


Users can set up and manage their own bio pages. Right now if they want to change their photo they have to use another service, this is standard with WordPress.

User Interaction

Users can interact with with the site by rating and commenting within the sites. They can also share posts to social media sites.


The Bellflower Razing photos are using a standard Gallery.

The Bracken School photos show what it could look like if you want to sell photos, digital in this case but can also sell physical, through the site. When you click the image, it will show a add to cart in the lightbox (the photo popup when you click an image).

There are services that can be attached to the site to have physical versions made and ship (the ones I’ve seen will charge upfront for this service than take a fee per order).

Sell physical and digital items, the same ecommerce that is powering the ads and photos can also be used to sell digital and physical items, such as branded merchandise. Some ideas of items that could be added to site: