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Name Jean McAllister

Add117 West Water St.


Locker 42







We, the Student Council of Moore Township High School, in the hopes that students will more fully realize the aims and purposes of our activities, and to inspire them to greater efforts in upholding the worthwhlle traditions of our school; wish to extend to the new students who enter this school a sincere welcome, with the hope that they will enter with the desire to succeed; and that this handbook will enable them to understand the regulations and traditions which will confront them.

This book also aims to help the student by showing the courses he may study and their relationship to courses in schools of higher education so that he may prepare himself for a chosen job or profession and for a useful citizen.

The material for this hand book has been gathered by members of the Student Council under the supervision of Principal O. H. Wisthuff and published by the Board of Education.


M. T. H. S.

Accredited with the University of Illinois.

Recognized by the Department of Public

Instruction for State of lllinois

Member of the North Central Association Of

Colleges and Secondary Schools,


L. D. Calhoun  President

Ralph Augustus Secretary

Thomas Beasley

Roger Curtis

Dr. O. W. E. Nowlin


O. H. Wisthuff. B. S. M. A. Ed. Principal

Lawrence E. Smith. B. S., M. S. Asst. Prin., Science, History

Mary A. Chapman. Special Certificate, Commercial

Betty Nash, B.E., M.A English, Latin

Jean Whitcome, B.S., M.A. – Home Economics

Paul Durbin, B.S. — Agriculture

Stanley Horr, B.A. – Science, Mathematics

Arthur Middlestand, M.M. — Music

Ellen Thomas, A.B. – English, Girls P.S.

Howard Baptist, B.S. – Math, Coach

Patricia Weedman, B. S. Library, Speech

Martha Curtis Secretary

John Jones-Custodian, Building and Crounds

Earl Larson-Ass’t Custodian, Building and Grounds


Some of the traditions and the creed to which every student of M. T. H. S. should try to live up to are as follows: I WILL TRY:

1. To always show loyalty to my school.

2. To co-operate with and show respect for all Faculty members and class leaders.

3. Never to take advantage of my competitors in games or school work.

4. To be a good loser or a good winner under any circumstances.

5. To be charitable in act and thought.

6. To be worthy of trust.

7. To put honor before personal gain.

8. To improve my scholarship.

9. To aid the weak.

10. To be courteous at aU times.

11. To be clean in thought and speech.

12. To do all in my power to make our school a better place for my having been a student there with the knowledge that by so doing I can best serve my city, state, and my country.


Purple and White


Students who are absent or tardy must bring an excuse from home then go to the office for a permit to enter class. If it is necessary for a student to be sent from class to get his permit, he is given a tardy slip as well. Before a permit is issued, the Student must give the reason for his absence or tardiness. The permit is presented to each teacher under whom he is doing work. The teacher of his last class keeps the permit and sends it back to the office.

The following causes of tardiness will not be considered excusable: (1) over slept, (2) slow clock, (3) not starting in time.

The following causes of absences will not be considered excusable: (1)truaney (time to be made up), (2) out of town (unless arrangements are made in advance), (3) working if it occurs too often. Penalties are provided for unnecessary tardiness.


No pupil is allowed to leave school without getting permission from the office, unless it is on account of illness. In that case, any teacher may excuse the stUdent, but report. must be made to the office.


If a teacher finds it necessary to dismiss a student from class on account of disorderly conduct, he gives the student a slip to take on to the office where he is interviewed by the Principal. The student then reports back to the teacher before leaving the school building.


Students are to be in their seats and ready for work when the bell rings.

Students will bring all books and materials needed for the hour, thus avoiding  going to lockers.

Students must have permission to leave library after period begins unless called out by office assistants.

Teachers will seat students In a manner which seems best for their group.

Students wishing to consult with teachers are to bring: a signed pass slip when they come to library.

Books In the library may be divided into two classes:

1. Reserve books, so designated by teachers are for use in library only but may be taken out over night. This includes:

Encyclopedias (use in library only)

Books placed on reserve by any teacher

All magazines

General reference materials

2. All other books may be checked out for a period or not to exceed two weeks.

Library fines are assessed for any books kept beyond regular time.


Any article found should be turned into the office at once. Any Individual may recover same by identifying his property.


The telephone in the office is strictly for business purposes. Students will be called to the telephone when in the library. but from classes only in an emergency.


All cannot attain the highest of honor. but all can feel that they have been honest and honorable in their efforts.


An honor roll is published after each grade period. This roll includes all those students who have made an average grade of B or better in all subjects, citizenship included. After the fifth-grade period. an Honor Banquet is held for those students on the Honor Roll four out of five grade periods. At this lime. recognition is given to the eight students receiving the highest averages for the year, and medals are awarded to the boy and girl having lead all students in scholarship.


Medals are awarded at the close of the school year for school citizenship, activities. for boys and girls-commercial. music and athletic.

Recognition is also paid at this time to letter winners in all sports and outstanding achievements in the various organizations of the school.


Our building was built and is being maintained by the taxes of the district. Your parents help pay those taxes, so let’s not mar the building and thereby Increase the taxes that could otherwise be avoided.

The building and equipment belong to you. Treat them as you would your own home.


There Is on duty a hall cadet each period of the school day. It is his duty to be of service to visitors and to the office, to teachers and in policing the hails.

SPECIAL Activities


One of the big events each year is the Stunt Show sponsored by the Junior Class. Each class puts on one stunt in competition for the cup in connection with this event, the money raised being used by the Juniors in the sponsoring the Junior-Senior Banquet.


The big social event of each year Is the annual Junior-Senior dinner dance. This is given in farewell to the graduating class.


The Student Council will sponsor parties from time to time throughout the school year. In addition, each class is permitted to have two school parties per year. These parties to be under the supervision of class advisors, together with two to four parents as Chaperones. Parties will close on school nights at 10 p. m. and on Fridays at 11:00.


We have several regulations at Moore Township High School which we expect you to observe because we know by experience that their observance makes  M. T. H. $. a better school.

1. We use the sidewalks and keep our lawn attractive. We despise paths on the grass caused by cutting corners.

2. No smoking in school building or on the grounds.

3. We respect teachers at all times and refer to them as Miss, Mrs. or Mr.

4. We respect the school grounds, building and Its equipment. We do not write or mar the walls. (This includes the rest rooms

5. We respect the property of other Individuals and do not borrow, use or take it without the owner’s consent.

6. We do not chew gum in classrooms or in library.

7. We use the telephone strictly for business purposes. Students will be called to the telephone when in the library, but from class only in emergency.

8. Bicycles will be parked in the racks provided.

9. All students cars are to be parked in front of the gym and careful driving must be

observed or driving privilege will be taken away.

10. Lockers and locks are provided and must be locked at the close of the day. All books or materials not locked in lockers at the close of the day may be redeemed at the office for 5c fine. (This money goes to the Student Council Fund.)


The letter system is used In grading and the letters ABC D E have the following values numerically:

A-90-100 B—85-89 C-80-84 D-70-79

F-Failure Inc.-Incomplete


To graduate from Moore Township High School, one must have 18 units, consisting of 4 of English, 1 of Mathematics, 1 of American History, 1 of General Science. and Physical Education. The completion of two semesters in one subject gives a person one unit, or one semester h unit. Credits may also be earned in extracurricular subjects.

These 18 units should be divided into 2 majors and 2 minors, or into three majors. A minor consists of 2 units in one field of work. as a year of Algebra and a year of Geometry, or two years of Latin. A major consists of 3 units in one field of work.

Fifteen of these must be academic. The clever thing to do is to start planning your subjects so that when you are ready to graduate, you will have the necessary majors and the necessary minors.


M. T. H. S.

The extra-curricular activities of M.T.H.S. are:

SPORTS-football. basketball, baseball and track;

MUSIC—boys and girls glee clubs, mixed chorus, band and orchestra;

Lessons are given throughout the school year and eight weeks in the summer.

Those interested in instrumental music enroll In the beginning instrumental classes which meet once per week plus a beginning band rehearsal. After completing the required amount of work they are promoted to the first band and advanced technic classes. Once in the advance technic class they progress toward definite goals using the Prescott Technic system according to their individual achievement. Chairs in band are determined on achievement in the technic classes.

One-half credit per year is given in all music courses.

Those interested in music vocally should tryout for the Glee Club. Any member of either of the Glee Clubs can tryout also for Mixed Chorus.


The Student Council is composed of nine members. three being selected from the Senior Class, one of which shall be President. This organization meets once a week with the Principal to discuss the problems of the school. They sponsor various activities including programs, dances and contests.


Below are listed clubs of past years. New ones may be added and some drooped depending on the interest.

(a) Orchestra Club—A club in which only members of the orchestra are permitted to join.

(b) Dramatic Club-Some requirements are no Freshmen can enter until alter the first semester and then must have at least “C” average.

(c) Scribblers Club-A group that write news which is put in the city paper. Also school Hi-Line.

(d) Travel Club-The people who enter this club probably want to travel at some time and they will plan trips, etc.

(f) “M” Club-An honorary organization composed of boys who have earned a letter in any sport. The activities of the “M” club concern athletics entirely.

(g) Speech Club-A group of students who want to learn how to speak before a class or they may want to be public speakers someday.

(H) Girls Athletic Association-The purpose of the G. A. A. is to stimulate interest In girls athletic and gymnastics. and to standardize and promote ideals of health and sportsmanship.

(I) F. H. A.-An organization of girls taking Home Economics.

(j) F. F. A. -Boys taking agriculture and Farm Shop and 4·H Club. They work in 4-H activities and etc.

It is hoped that every student will go out for at least one extracurricular activity. in order to develop a well-rounded personality in addition to his scholastic attainments.


You may talk about your high schools

In this good old state of ours,

OC all the jolly students

\\’ho in school-rooms spend their hours,

Maroon and Gold of Clinton

And old Glbson’s red and white

They fly at frequent ball games

When we meet them in the fight,

From way down south in Egypt

To Lake Michigan’s cold shores

From east to west and back again

Just look them over and over

No other high school in this state

Or nation can you show

So brave, so true, so fine a crew

Of students as we are.

Chorus: For we are jolly students of M.T.H.S.

We are the best of high schools,

We are ever true

Yes, we are loyal ever to our

Purple and White, Fight! Fight!

We’re the kind that dare and do.

(repeat chorus)


There’s a cheer from the stands and the


When we see, our team run by.

There’s a yell from the students and teachers

For the team of M. T. High.

At the game you tell why we all came,

Just to see them win each game.

Who’s the winner of each ball game

It’s that M. T. H. Steam.


M-rah-rah, T-rah-rah

H·rah-rah, S-rah-rah

MTHS Rah Rah Rah

Purple and white. Fight! Fight!

Purple and white. Fight! Fight!

Purple and White. Fight.! Fight!

Purple and white. Fight! Fight Fight!



Go team go-go team go

Go team, go team, go team go

Fight team fight-fight team fight

Fight team, fight team, fight team fight

Win team, win team, win team win

\Vin team, win team, win team win.

Yeah. Farmer City, Let’s go.


Fight -Fight·fight -fight

M·T·H·S Fight.Fight·Fight-F’ight

(repeat and gradually Caster)



CALENDAR – 1947-48

Aug. 25-School Registration.

Aug. 26–School Registration.

Aug. 28-29-School Begins, grades 7, 8. 9.

Sept. 1 -School Begins. grades 10, 11, 12.

Oct. 9·10-lnstitute.

Oct. 10-End of first six weeks.

Oct. 16—-Grade reports.

Nov. 11- Armlstice Day vacation.

Nov. 12-0pen house.

Nov. 24–Junior Revue

Nov. 26-End of second six weeks.

Nov. 27·28-Thanksgiving vacation.

Dec. 4-Grade reports.

Dec. 23-Jan. 5–Christmas vacation,

Jan. 5-School begins,

Jan. 21-22-23—Semester exams.

Jan. 29-Grade reports.

Feb. 12-Llncoln’s Birthday-no school.

Feb. 20–Band concert.

Mar. 1-Central Division Institute.

Mar. 5-End of fourth six weeks.

Mar. 11 -Grade reports.

Mar. 16–F.F.A. &: F.R.A. Banquet.

Mar. 26-28–Good Friday vacation.

April 5-End of fifth six weeks.

April 16-Senior Play.

April 22-Grade reports.

April 29-Honor Banquet

May 14-Junior-Senior Reception.

May ~21-Senlor exams.

May 23-Baccalaureate.

May 27–Commencement.



Sept. 19-Maroa There

Sept. 26-Cerro Gordo Here

Oct. 3-Lexlngton There

Oct. 10-Gilman   Here

Oct. IS-Tremont There

Oct. 24—Paxton There

Oct. 31-Glbson City   Here

Nov. 7-LeRoy There


Nov. 26-Gibson City   Here

Dec. 2-LeRoy There

Dec. 5-DeLand   Here

Dec. 9-Wapella There

Dec. 12-Mansfield   Here

Dec. 17-18-19-S.V.C. Tourney  Fisher

Jan. 6–Mahomet   Here

Jan. 9-Weldon There

Jan. 16-Fisher   Here

Jan. 17-Cerro Gordo There

Jan. 23-Mansfield There

Jan. 27-Mahomet There

Jan. 3O-Wapella   Here

Feb. 3-Monticello There

Feb. 6-Weldon   Here

Feb. 10-Gibson City There

Feb. 13-DeLand There

Feb. 17-Fisher There

Feb. 25-Bement There

Feb. 27-LeRoy   Here

Mar. 2·3-Regional Tournament