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Farmer City Journal

Farmer City Journal

Photos were taken from the Farmer City Journal when it was located on the corner of South Main and West Market  

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Farmer City Haunted Forest

Fri., Oct. 26 • 6p.m.-11p.m. Sat, Oct. 27 • 3p.m.-11 p.m. The Farmer City Haunted Forest is a Haunted Hay rack Ride through the Salt Creek Campsites, located in South Park just south of Farmer City.  The hay rack ride takes you around South Park and then into the Haunted Forest where the campsites are […]

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Veterans of Civil War, Interred

VETERANS OF CIVIL WAR Interred in Camp Ground Cemetery Blain, John Bettis, Alex G. Bateson, Joseph Debolt, J. A. Farmer, Henry Fellows, Albert Hoover, A. T. Houser, George Girst, Edward Hoover, G.D. Judd, W.D. Morgan, George McMurray, William C. McCord, William J. Page, Timothy Preston, J. H. Porter, J.M. Payne, Lewis Payne, John Porter, Robert […]

Veterans of Spanish American War, Interred

Veteran of Spanish American War Interred in Maple Grove Cemetery Campbell, Charles Johnson, Thomas, W. Kelley Lawson Robeson, G.P (Mch 1939) Veterans of World War Interred in Maple Grove Cemetery Smith, Rev. Frank Douglas Floyd Lateer, Lynn Lewis, Herschel Maxwell, Samuel Russell, Wallace Becker, Wayne Beaver, Roy Sparkes, Fred Collins, Fred Covey, Gerald Interred in […]

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